Product Review: ELF Tone Correcting Concealer

Hey everyone! I’m back… And hopefully this is for good! 🙂

My first comeback review is about ELF’s Tone Correcting Concealer!

Enjoy! 🙂


About The Product:

Multi-tonal silicon treatment masks skin tone imperfections and redness, leaving skin with a healthy glow.

Directions: Use sponge applicator to custom blend and apply makeup. Wear daily.

Net weight: 0.08oz (2.4g)


The packaging is very typical. The product is placed in a tube with an applicator stick. It’s like the typical concealer packaging.



Over All:

ELF Tone Correcting Concealer is a good product for correcting skin discoloration. It has a light and minimal coverage for blemishes such as pimples and pimple marks. If you’re looking for heavy coverage, this is not the concealer for you! For lighter coverage and very minimal “tone correcting”, this product is not bad especially for its price of only 129 pesos. Not bad at all right?! This is more like a very light foundation in terms of coverage. Plus, it’s not oily on the skin.

I’ll give this product 3 stars out of 5!

Til next review… XOXO! 🙂

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