Event: The Salad Box Beauty Fair


Last November 29, the Salad Box had its first Beauty Fair at the A.Venue mall, Makati. It featured beauty school themed attractions like the “Saladbox x Cream Silk” personal hair-styling workshop, make-up crash courses, and a lot more from other different beauty brands.


One of the guest speakers was blogger Patricia Prieto who represented Cream Silk. She tackled about different hair styles and hair care.


I was really inspired by the different hair styles Patricia talked about. Now I’m thinking about changing my hair-do and making some time to fix and style my hair everyday.


The event also showed some of the products you can get when you subscribe to the Salad Box. I just love the concept of this box. You can get this box with all the different samples and GCs from different brands for only 500php a month. You don’t just get sample sizes, some brands give the actual size of their products. How cool is that right?


Of course I did subscribe at once! I must and excited to try all these different brands and the cool thing about that day was I got the chance to create my own box by choosing 6 different products from their beauty buffet table! Wooot! 🙂

For more info about the Salad Box you may visit their website at http://www.saladbox.com.ph/ or follow them on Instagram @SaladBoxPh. They do have Boxes for men too! 🙂


Leah 🙂

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