Review: Maybelline Fashion Brow Duo Pen

Hey guys! If you’re one of my regular readers it’s kinda obvious how obsessed I am with well-groomed brows (who doesn’t, right?!), that’s the reason why I love trying and reviewing different brands and different types of eyebrow products. For this blog post, I just want to share my thoughts about Maybelline’s Fashion Brow Duo Pen. Hope you guys like it! 🙂

About the product:

Maybelline’s Fashion Brow Duo Pen helps create softer and fuller brows for up to 24hours. It’s an easy-to-use product for filling out and shading your brows with its dual tip.



This pen has a retractable eyebrow pencil on one end and a soft sponge tip on the other which contains the powder for shading.

Where to buy:

Available at Watsons, SM Department Stores and other drug stores nationwide.


Direction of Use:

  • Use the creamy wax tip/pencil to fill out and define your brows.
  • Apply the sponge tip with powder to shade and blend.
  • Brush out to remove excess residues.

That easy! 🙂


Photo taken using iPhone 5s’ front camera.


This product is so easy to use just by filling out and shading your brows. There are just two down sides… One, the product only has 2 shades and two, the wax tip is kinda short… it can only last for a month or two with everyday use.

I’m gonna rate this pen 4 out of 5!  🙂

Any additional insights about this brow pen? Let me know! 🙂


Leah  🙂

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