Haul: August & September 2015

Hey guys! Here’s another monthly haul entry. Sorry for the delay, but don’t worry, from now on I promise to post on time every end of the month. That’s not all… I’ll be doing not just beauty hauls, but all sorts, from beauty to fashion, even home decor and other random stuff… And that starts right now!

Let’s start first with my beauty haul…


  • Brush guards
  • Biore make-up removers
  • Biore sunblock and BB cream
  • Brush egg (brush cleaning tool)
  • LA Girl Matte Finish Pigment Gloss
  • Triple Whitening Kojic soap (from Showroom Co.)


  • Real Techniques (Nic’s Picks) brushes


  • Nenuco cologne (given by one of my talents)
  • FS Two-way Cake powder (going back to using my favorite face powder)
  • Sephora matte lip cream (given by a friend from Singapore)
  • More Biore products

Next are some cute home decors…


A cute gray vintage-ish picture frame and a wall art for my new office (still under contraction).

And of course, some fashion finds…


Yup, I’m currently obsessed with black.

  • Wedges from CLN
  • Flats from Primadonna
  • Wallet from Kate Spade

I’ll be posting reviews about some of these products very soon, so stay tuned!

What do you think about this haul? Let me know! 🙂


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