LeahExplores: Puzzle Gourmet Store & Café

Comfort Food + Gourmet Items + Differently-abled Staff = Whole lot of awesome!! This is what I felt upon visiting this cool café. I’m very happy that my very first blog post on food/resto will be about this café. You’ll feel the positive energy upon entering the place, maybe because of all the smiles and happy greetings from their extraordinary staff. I was so amazed that they have established this kind of café helping young adults with autism, and surprisingly these young adults are very good at what they’re doing. I never thought that I’d be experiencing inexpressible joy just by staying for a while, eat, appreciate and thinking of featuring this café on my blog while I was there… And so here it goes…


About the store:

Puzzle Gourmet Store and Café opened last November of 2014, it is a casual establishment that serves sumptuous meals and snacks along with a wide selection of gourmet items. They aim to spread an environment that breeds nothing less than a genuine sense of happiness.

Their mission is to provide potential visitors with an experience like no other. With members of their team comprised mainly of differently-abled children greeting customers and taking orders, this café ensures to start off their customer’s visit with a smile. Having a diverse menu ranging from breakfast favorites, to light snacks, and even full meals, Puzzle Café will cater to a variety of taste-buds that have been itching for a new twist on familiar dishes. They also specialize in selling hard-to-find gourmet items around the world; and with a decor that suits the stimulating nature of Autism, that one-of-a-kind experience will be easy to come by.

IMG_0261 IMG_0264


Asian Fusion, Breakfast, Delis, Italian, Vegetarian, and Sandwiches.

Tour of their store:

Sooo cute and artsy.

IMG_0268 IMG_0271

IMG_0274 IMG_0300

IMG_0279 IMG_0272

IMG_0281 IMG_0265

What I ordered:

Joey De Lechon, Tiramisu Pancakes, and their house blended Iced Tea.


IMG_0284 IMG_0286


  • Good food.
  • Artsy place.
  • Reasonable prices.
  • Friendly and accommodating staff.
  • Highly recommended!

Visit their café at 1 Comets Loop, Blue Ridge B, 1109 Quezon City, Philippines. They’re open from 11am to 10pm.

You may also visit their Facebook fan page https://www.facebook.com/puzzlecafeph. 🙂


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