Personal: Lessons Learned from 2015

2015 was a blast! A year full of adventures, learnings, and new experiences… from quitting my job and being my own boss, meeting a lot of new people that became my friends, places that I’ve explored, to facing one of the biggest trials I’ve ever encountered in my life. A lot of good memories to treasure, at the same time a lot of bad ones that must be left behind.

Here are some of the most important lessons I’ve learned from 2015…








To 2015: You gave me the most difficult obstacle an individual fears to face, but (hell no) you can never put me down! I am smart, strong and a good person, and I know my God has better plans for me. I’ve learned my lessons and will be using those lessons wisely. I’d still like to thank you for allowing me to be me. For not giving me a hard time when I left my job and opened my own talent management company and for giving me the chance to revamp my blog from TMR to

To 2016: I am looking forward to a better year and a better me. I promise to become stronger, wiser and more responsible.

May we all have a blessed year ahead! Happy new year everyone! 🙂


*Photo credits to the owners.

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