LeahTravels: Banaue, Sagada, Benguet

Hey guys! It’s been a while since my last post… Been busy with work and travel. Speaking of travel, here’s an entry of my latest adventure at Banaue, Sagada and Benguet. Hope you’ll like it! 🙂

Day one…


  • Breakfast at Banaue View Point… Eating in front of that beautiful view (above photo)… Priceless! 🙂
  • Trekking to Tappia Falls at Banaue, Ifugao where we trekked for 4 hours passing by Ifugao mountains and the very beautiful and well-preserved Banaue Rice Terraces. People had to literally carry me back cause I wasn’t really prepared walking and trekking for that long. It was an unforgettable experience though. :))




Banaue Rice Terraces



Tappia Falls

Day two…


Photo from my Instagram… itsleahrous 🙂

  • Brunch at Misty Loudge… A very cute artsy cafe in Sagada.
  • Visited Ganduyan Museum and learned a lot about the history of Sagada.
  • Toured the town proper of Sagada… Went shopping as well! Hihihi!
  • Dinner at the very famous Salt and Pepper restaurant which was featured in the movie That Thing Called Tadhana.




Day three…


  • Waited for the sunrise at Kiltepan Sea of Clouds in Sagada… What a beauty! 🙂


  • Visited an Orange Farm. (videos on my snapchat… itsleahrous)
  • Visited Sagada Pottery.
  • Stop over at the Highest Point in Benguet.
  • Lastly, dinner and shopping at Baguio.


I will definitely visit these places again very soon! Sorry if some of the photos are over exposed… Still practicing using a DSLR camera. More photos on my Instagram account itsleahrous. 🙂




*Photos taken using Nikon D5100.


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