Aaannnddd I’m back! 😀

Hey guys! So on this blog post I’m not just gonna write about my recent trip to Bohol, but will also be showing a series of vlogs. Yup, that’s right… I just started vlogging too! And hopefully I’ll be doing this regularly… Hopefully! Hahaha!


Just a quick back story on how this trip went possible… I’ve always wanted to go back to Bohol to explore the island more since my first trip there was an epic fail… Read the story here. And so I’ve decided on my first travel trip this 2017 to go back to this special place… I’m a big fan of Bohol that’s why I really made sure to go back there sooner. Number two on my list this year! Surprisingly, this trip was one of the best trips I’ve ever had, and not just that, I’ve shared this moment with a special friend. Yeekee…

So we booked our flight and the hotel as a package last November 2016… It was a great deal! For less than 25,000php ($500), our package includes airfare and hotel with breakfast for two for four days and three nights. Yup, all for TWO persons! To top that off, we stayed in a 5star hotel resort… The Bellevue Resort, Bohol and it was breathtaking!

Below are some photos and the vlog of our trip uploaded on my Youtube channel. Hope you guys will like it! 🙂


View from our hotel room.



The very famous Chocolate Hills of Bohol.




What a cute little Tarsier.


ATV ride


Man-made Forest



Virgin Island, Bohol


Summer Essentials




DAY 1:

DAY 2:

DAY 3:


So where do you think I should go next? Let me know! 🙂

Also, don’t forget to follow and subscribe to my Youtube channel! 🙂


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