Hey guys! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Hahaha. Sorry for not being able to b/vlog lately. I was so busy last holiday season due to work and a lot more… but let’s not talk about that! 🙂

For this blog entry I’m gonna be sharing my latest obsession… Surfing! I just want to share my progress on learning how to surf and why I fell in love with it!

I first had my surfing lessons last October 2017 in San Juan, La Union, and I only had one goal… to learn how to surf! It’s been on my bucket list since college and finally I had the time, money, ride, companion and the courage to go there, face my fears and learn to surf.


One hour surfing lessons wasn’t enough though, I only got to stand on the board for 2 seconds. Haha! I was kinda disappointed, but I really don’t want to rush things cause first, the waves were too strong, second, I was still a bit scared because I don’t know how to swim, and lastly, my body was aching so bad already! My first attempt on learning this sport was a total failure, but at the same time it made me more eager to learn, and not  give up!

Just like what I always tell myself…

“Dream BIG. Be BRAVE. Overcome FEAR.” -My mantra since 2007

So moving on, in less than a month I planned another trip to the beach just to continue my journey on learning how to surf, and thank God that a friend of mine/one of my talents and her family own a surfing resort in Zambales. I was really happy and thrilled upon knowing it, so we planned a trip right away, and last December 2017, we discovered another surfing destination. Closer to the metro than La Union, just around 3-4 hours drive.


Crystal Beach Resort was breath taking! Clear ocean water, fine white with crystal-like sand, and the waves are more tamed and so much easier to surf for beginners. I was sooo happy with my progress (check the photos below). My goal was to stand on the board longer and I was able to do so for about 7-8 seconds and that’s long for a beginner. Every time a good wave comes and I attempt to stand on the board, adrenaline just rushes through my body and it feels so awesome! I just can’t explain it!






After three weeks, we went back and had another beach trip and surfing lessons in Liw-Liwa, Zambales. We also celebrated the last day of 2017 there. Our three day experience was so memorable… Perfect weather, friendly people (we met new friends), and just pure positive vibe! When I see the ocean and the people surfing, I just wanted to run into the waves and ride on a board! With this new hobby, I’ve included another goal in my bucket list, and that’s to whole-heartedly learn surfing! I’m planning to do so by visiting the beach just to surf either every month or every other month. Yes, surfing is sooo addicting! I’m aiming to compete by the end of 2018 in the beginners division. Hopefully, I’ll be able to do so. Hahaha! YOLO!!!





Check out my Instagram account (itsleahrous) for more photos and story highlights!

Any recommendations which beach destination to visit next and surf? Let me know! 🙂




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