LeahTravels: Dingalan, Aurora – A Day at the Batanes of the East

Last March 11, we went hiking to three different destinations at Dingalan, Aurora – the Batanes of the East. We trekked going to the light house (first destination), view point (second destination) and to Tawasan Falls (third destination). We hiked for a total of two and a half hours. It was a tiring day for me since the last time I hiked/trekked was about two years ago, but all worth it, ’cause I saw one of the most breathtaking sceneries I’ve ever seen! We saw the perfect blue sky, a great view of the mountains and blue ocean, the light house, the falls, and other gorgeous sceneries in one fun day.


Here’s the itinerary and a photo diary of our trip. Enjoy and be amazed with Dingalan! πŸ˜€



Before we started our trek to the light house, we settled and drop our stuff in the cottage at White Beach. We also rested and ate our lunch here.





The view in the middle of our hike going to the light house. We’re still half way to our first destination, but we can already see the gorgeous view!



At the peak of our first destination. Sorry, no photos of the light house. I was more into the view than the light house. Look how gorgeous the view is… just perfect!




Of course, photo sesh with the boyfriend! Hahahaha!


Below are the photos of our second destination – The View Point, Dingalan, Aurora.


No words, guys! Just breathtaking. Only four of us out of thirteen went down to this cliff just to take photos with this beauty. It was risky, but totally worth it! πŸ™‚

As you can see with some of the photos, I was holding my hair and cap the entire time ’cause it was too windy. I think it was the strongest wind I’ve ever encountered. Sooo scary, but very liberating after I’ve overcome my doubts and fears!Β You can check my Instagram highlight (@itsleahrous) for the videos.



Thank you Adventure Philippines for accommodating us and for hosting a fun unforgettable hike experience. Until our next tour! πŸ™‚

PS: Sorry, I have no photos at Tawasan Falls, ’cause it was too crowded when we went up there. Also, we weren’t able to go to the cave cause the wind and the waves were too strong that day. Maybe next time, ’cause I’ll definitely visit Dingalan, Aurora again! πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “LeahTravels: Dingalan, Aurora – A Day at the Batanes of the East

  1. rr26 adventures says:

    gosh! I can’t wait to share my experience too in Dinglan, Aurora! I might published it on Thursday. I am literally running out of words. It’s hard to describe it’s beauty. πŸ™‚

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