What I Wore At The Launch of Lustrous Ph (#NadineXBYS)

Hey guys! I just wanted to share my look last March 23 at the launch of Lustrous Ph – the makeup line of Nadine Lustre in collaboration with BYS Philippines. I was invited by one of my talents and good friend, Karla Aguas, who was invited by Nadine herself. #LoudAndProud Hahaha! I’ll be doing a separate blog entry either about the event or a product review. Which do you prefer? 🙂


The theme of the event was “Lustrous Chic”… I don’t even know what does that mean or what look should that be (I’m such a #TitaOfManila), so I just went for a simple girly look (just to be safe) and wore a pink lace dress, paired with brown wedges and a snake-skin printed bag. Do you think this is lustrous chic enough? Cause really, I have no idea! Well, from checking the crowd, I think I blended really well. Hahaha!


Dress: Zalora

Shoes: Stradivarius

Bag: Mango


I almost forgot that I have this bag! It was one of my favorite bags back in college. I think I have this with me for like 10 years now. I got it from Mango when I was pregnant with my first child, and it still looks great… like almost brand new, to think that it has a snake-skin like material. I’m shookt! Hahaha!


What do you think you this look? Let me know! 🙂


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