My Fitness Journey: 6th Month Update!

Hey guys!!! I just want to write a blog (as requested) and congratulate myself for starting and now celebrating the sixth month of my fitness journey! Disclaimer… I am not a fitness expert, nutritionist, or a fitness trainer, I am just writing this blog to let you guys know how I started, what worked for me, and to give inspiration to those who want to start their own fitness journey. Also, I just started, so please bear with my writing and photos, cause I really don’t know where to start and how to write a fitness journal. Hahaha! Thank you! 🙂


As of April 2018

A lot of people have been requesting if I could blog about my fitness journey. At first, I was kinda hesitant and thinking twice since I haven’t reached my target weight and body goal yet, but I also thought that I wanted to monitor and share my progress with the people who care. So, here I am, writing and will be blogging about this journey from time to time. I hope this will inspire some of you, because this somehow changed my life and how I look at fitness and health.


2007-2008 Coke Light Top Model Search Winner! This photo was taken on October of 2007, I was 2 months pregnant with my first child. 🙂




May 2010, photo shoot just a few weeks after giving birth to my second child. 🙂

Ten years ago, when I was in college, I was 98 pounds. That was my weight before I got pregnant with my first child. After giving birth to my son, my weight ranged from 102 to 104 pounds. Of course I gained a little due to all the water weight by giving birth. Two years later, my weight became 114 pounds after giving birth to my second child. It went down to 112, 110, and then to 108 Lbs just a few weeks after. I did kick boxing and wall climbing at that time. A few months after, around September of 2010, I started working as a talent coordinator and project manager for a talent management company that was affiliated with one of the biggest TV networks here in the Philippines. I was a working student / working mom and loved my job! After just a few months of working, I started to gain some weight again and a year later, I became 124 pounds. I wasn’t sure if it was due to stress or something else, but I gained a lot of weight. I was really shocked, because it was really unnoticeable (I’ve had a big behind since I was young and long legs too.)


October 2010, working for a month already. 🙂



I tried working out again… did boxing and the usual gym sessions after office, but I wasn’t dedicated at all. I even paid for one year membership with unlimited gym use at Fitness First, but I rarely visited. Most of the time I would get lazy and just pass on going to the gym. It didn’t bother me and didn’t do anything about it, cause I felt like I wouldn’t gain anymore… That 124 Lbs will be the maximum weight I’d be. BUT I WAS WRONG!


Raw photo: June 2017, I was about 146 pounds already. Even my neck had a flab (only one)! Hahaha! 😛

Fast forward to 2016, I started gaining more! Like really, so much more!!! Stressed with my business, family, and former love life, I gained more and more every month… From 132 pounds to 136, and when 2017 came, (mid last year) I became 148.2 pounds – the heaviest I’ve ever been! I didn’t notice it at first, since I was used to dressing up in loose clothes. But come September of last year, I started feeling unhealthy.

I started to feel weak, lazy, and get tired easily, so on October 28, 2017, I went back to the gym. I started doing boxing again after 2 years, I also started running and fell in love doing HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training). I pushed and motivated myself to be dedicated on this new journey. I started to workout for four to five times a week with a very strict diet that included no more sodas and white rice. In one month, I lost almost 9 pounds immediately!


February 2018, I was already around 137 pounds here. 🙂

It was a blessing at that time because 2017 was a new start for me. I found the perfect guy who supports me in all my life choices, who guides me and learns new things with me. Together, we tried, learned and fell in love with surfing, joined fun runs, and as 2018 started, I went back to hiking/climbing mountains again, this time, I was with someone I love, collecting more adventures and memories together.

As of today, I’ve stopped boxing and started cycling and rowing just to spice up my fitness journey. Also, I’ve been learning more workout forms at the gym every week and mastering them.


Rowing classes at Saddle Row, Rockwell with one of their instructors, Dana! 🙂

I am happy and proud to say that as of April 2018, my weight is between 126 to 128 pounds from 148.2 last October 28, 2017. A total of 22.2 pounds lost in less than six months!!!! (I didn’t workout from 2nd week of December to 1st week of January, cause you know… holidays! Hahaha!).


March 2018

I’d like to thank everyone who supported and continue to support my fitness journey. To my coaches Kuya Roger (boxing) and Kuya Darwin (HIIT) of Elorde Gilmore, to my friend Debbie Padilla who gave me some fitness and form advice (#BodyGoals), to my talents Justin Quirino and Karla Aguas who I also talked to and asked for diet advice, to Get Fit Manila who gave me free passes to Saddle Row and Bliss Yoga, to Dana of Get Fit Manila and Saddle Row who became my friend and continues to motivate me on this journey and gives me encouragement every time I’m about to give up on her rowing classes (hahaha!), and lastly to my number one supporter, my number one fan, and the love of my life, Eric… thank you. Thank you for being soooo supportive in every thing that I do and want to do (good things of course)… For being my number one fan, mentor, adviser, adventure buddy, surfing buddy, running mate, hiking buddy and lastly for being my ultimate photographer & videographer! Hahaha! I truly appreciate all the effort you’re giving me. Thank you and I love you!

Also, to my readers, thank you for being with me still. Hahaha! I hope you won’t get tired of reading my blogs and following me on social media. I hope you guys will also stay with me and keep track of this journey, cause this won’t definitely be the last time I’ll be blogging about fitness. I really want to share more and inspire others.


April 2018


Should I blog about how to maintain a toned butt? Comment below! Hahaha! (PS: This was requested by my friend, Karla Aguas!) 🙂


April 2018

I still have a long way to go. A few more pounds to lose, and a lot more body toning to do (my target is to get back to 118-120 pounds with more muscle mass #STRONG). If there’s one thing I’ve learned on this journey so far, it’s that being fit isn’t about losing a ton of weight, being skinny or having a VS body, it’s about feeling stronger, healthier, and happier with yourself and your body. It’s become a lifestyle for me.



2 thoughts on “My Fitness Journey: 6th Month Update!

  1. Brenden James Martel says:

    I know all too well your struggles with weight. Before May 10th, 2018, I weighed 357.6 pounds, and lost 78 pounds in 7 months, so far, with no exercise. I write about my vegan diet I created for myself on my site EverythingBrendenMartel.Com, actually. I enjoyed your post and good luck with the few extra pounds you’ve got left. I’ve got 97 left to go to be at my ideal weight. I figure 6-7 more months, by summer, I’ll be there.

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