Reunion at La Union

I’ve been working in the entertainment and advertising industry for almost 10 years, and have kept contact with my first ever work family for almost 8 years. As we celebrate our 8th year of friendship and being a family, we decided to have a three day trip to La Union. Our first ever beach trip all together (except with our former boss, who migrated and is now living in Canada). Eight years with this crazy bunch, and our family is getting bigger.

4We booked our AirBnB at Seascape, La Union and the place was sooo big (good for 10-12 people), very affordable, nice and artsy. The place has its own living room, kitchen and two bedrooms. Our itinerary consisted of surfing (though there weren’t any waves at that time… haha), kayaking, grape picking and food tripping. And of course, for yours truly, photo “shooting”! Hahaha!




Day 1


Day 2; First Outfit


Day 2; Second Outfit


Day 2; Second Outfit


Day 3



My favourite place to eat Wagyu at Elyu! 🙂


Rustic Box’s Wagyu! Sooo good! 🙂


Chillin’ at the beach on day 2!



Sunset chasing… Always! 🙂



Grapes picking on day 3! 🙂


Grapes picking on day 3! 🙂


I love love my “Dreamers Family” so much. I’m their baby (since I’m the youngest), the loudest (oo, aaminin ko na), funniest and prettiest! Hahaha! I’ve learned so much in life and in this industry because of them. They’re my go-to people when I have work problems, family problems, boy problems, and when I feel lonely and want some good company, I just call them, set a date, and in an instant, they’re there for me! Yup… THEY!!! We got each other’s backs, always. (Eewww… cheesssyyyy) Hahahaha!


Thank you so much guys for always being there for me! We’ve evolved into one of those “crazy rich business barkadas”! Nucks! How we wish! Hahaha! From being workmates to now owning big businesses in the entertainment, events and advertising industries… Wow! How time flies…. Congrats to us! 🙂


Till our next trip!!! 🙂


PS: Yes, this post is dedicated to them! Hahaha! Love you guys!


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