Last September 29 to October 3, I travelled solo again to celebrate my birthday in Osaka. Japan has always been on my travel bucket list, but I was too afraid to go because of all the earthquake news I’d hear every time I planned to visit. This year, as I celebrate my 32nd birthday, I swallowed my fears and booked a ticket to Osaka. This trip was one of the best solo trips I’ve ever done. I literally crossed-out everything on my itinerary and it felt so fulfilling.


I only did a little research before my trip, because I wanted to surprise myself with new adventures and just enjoy getting lost. Yes, I’m that adventurous! 😀 Also, I think I traveled on a summer, because it was really hot at that time. I really didn’t care about the weather either… that’s how excited I was! I stayed in a simple hotel at Chuo-ku, a ten minute walk away from Osaka Castle. I booked my flight via Air Asia, hotel via Agoda, Universal Studios ticket and Kyoto one-day tour via Klook and the rest, I just DIY’d. It was really fun since this was also the first time I DIY’d the rest of my itinerary.


Chuo-ku, Osaka, Japan


My checklist before going to Osaka!

Below is my five day itinerary:
DAY 1:
•Explored Dotonbori and ate Wagyu beef for dinner
•Went shopping at Don Quijote
(yup, I know it was too early to go shopping, but I’m just excited to visit Don Quijote)

The best Wagyu Beef I’ve ever eaten!

DAY 2:
•Universal Studios Japan
•Went thrift store hunting
•Thrift shopping at Amerikamura
•Ate Kobe beef for dinner

The most expensive Kobe Beef I’ve ever ordered!

DAY 3:
•Kyoto day tour
-Fushimi Inari Shrine (Tori Gates)
-Fushimi Inari-taisha
-Kinkaku-ji Temple (Golden Temple)
-Arashimaya (Bamboo Forest)
•Went shopping at Zara Home (since we don’t have Zara Home here in the Philippines)
IMG_8978IMG_7802 2IMG_7822IMG_7866
DAY 4:
•Visited Osaka Castle
•Explored Nara and fed some deers at Nara Park
•Went back to Dotonbori to see the Glico Man sign and did more shopping

Nara Park


Osaka Castle



Glico Man sign at Dotonbori

DAY 5:
•Before my flight, I explored and shopped at Kansai Airport

Kansai Airport

I hope I’ll find time and be able to film and post my Osaka Japan Haul on my Youtube channel, since I bought a lot of interesting finds and scored some designer pieces at the thrift store, but for now, check out my Osaka travel vlog below to see more! 🙂
Don’t forget to subscribe! 🙂

Can’t wait to visit Tokyo, Japan next year! 🙂


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