How To Make Blueberry Overnight Oats (Easy & Healthy)

Hey guys! How’s everyone doing?! We’re now on our ninth week of the Enhanced Community Quarantine due to the Covid-19 pandemic. I hope everyone’s still safe and sane. We’ll get through this, just have faith and stay strong!

While in quarantine, I’ve tried to make myself busy at home. I tried to learn new things and one of those things is being in the kitchen and learning to cook and make healthy breakfast and snacks. Just to disclose, I rarely, rarely cook! I only cook like twice a year, but these past two months, I’ve been cooking almost everyday and I am so happy that I get to do that. I am grateful for the gift of time and the new things I’ve learned due to this pandemic. I know all of us are struggling with the current situation, especially financially and emotionally, but let’s try to stay away from negativity and look at the bright side in every situation, for me it’s the gift of time. The time to stay at home and be with our loved ones, time for self care, time to learn new things, and time to rest and restart. Cooking is one of the few things that I really wanted to learn long-ago, but since I’m super busy with work and other stuff, I never had the chance to do so. And now, I have all the time to learn and explore in the kitchen and I can’t believe I’m saying this… I have potential… I think! Ahahaha!

For this blog, I just want to share how to make one of my favorite breakfast/snacks that is easy to do and healthy too! I hope this simple recipe will be helpful. Enjoy!


with sliced almonds and cacao nibs


with toasted coconut flakes and cacao nibs



1 cup of Rolled Oats,
2 cups of Almond Milk,
1 table spoon of Honey,
2 table spoon of Chia Seeds,
1 cup of Blueberry Greek Yogurt
(you can use plain greek yogurt and raw blueberries)


toppings you can add:
cacao nibs
sliced almonds
toasted coconut flakes

Step 1:


mix together the blueberry yogurt and the honey


Step 2:


combine the blueberry yogurt and honey mixture with the oats


then add on the milk and chia seeds

Step 3:


transfer it to a glass container with lid cover and put it in the ref overnight

Step 4:


add on your preferred toppings


Tada! Here’s the final product!

I hope I can share more recipes in the future! Also, let’s continue praying for the world and be safe!  🙂



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