LeahTravels: My Favorite Cafes in Siargao

Hey everyone! Since we’re still stuck indoors (hoping this pandemic will end soon), I just want to share two of my favorite cafes in Siargao. I haven’t shared anything yet from my recent trip to Siargao, but I have so much stories to tell and I would like to start with this. I love everything about this island, the vibe, the people, the beaches, the beautiful resorts, the food and the cafes. I’m hoping to buy a property and live there someday. Yes, that’s how much I love Siargao.


There are so many cute cafes in the island, but these two are my favorites. They have that rustic, minimalist vibe. Both are such instagramable places and that’s not all, I have a favorite drink from each cafes too!

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Last January 27 to 29 was our first out of town trip for the year and we were able to see again the beauty of La Union after three months. We were able to do more this time than the first time we visited San Juan, La Union. This was more fun because we were able to tag along some friends. We were able to surf for two days, explore the city, and discover more food/restaurant destinations.

So here’s a photo diary of our short trip.


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LeahExplores: Puzzle Gourmet Store & Café

Comfort Food + Gourmet Items + Differently-abled Staff = Whole lot of awesome!! This is what I felt upon visiting this cool café. I’m very happy that my very first blog post on food/resto will be about this café. You’ll feel the positive energy upon entering the place, maybe because of all the smiles and happy greetings from their extraordinary staff. I was so amazed that they have established this kind of café helping young adults with autism, and surprisingly these young adults are very good at what they’re doing. I never thought that I’d be experiencing inexpressible joy just by staying for a while, eat, appreciate and thinking of featuring this café on my blog while I was there… And so here it goes…


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