Welcome to LROUS.COM

Hey everyone! Welcome to my new and improved web page… LROUS.COM (itsleahrous.wordpress.com). New layout, new blog name and domain, new tag line (from The Make-up Reviewer to That All-Around Girl), and most of all, new topics to share and talk about. Don’t worry guys, my main genre will still be and always be about beauty. I will still be posting product reviews (a lot of it actually!), more about beauty, and of course, lifestyle too!

Since it’s my birthday, at the same time my blog’s 4th year anniversary, I am very excited for this! I’ll be sharing not just about beauty, but also all sorts about life and other random stuff that I love. This is by far the best birthday gift I’ve given my self. What do you think?

LeahRous_Logos 092615-48

This year has been a bumpy roller-coaster ride, but I’m looking forward to more adventures, more trials, more learnings, and more blessings.

To my family, friends, and readers… Thank you, thank you so much for all the love and support. I am truly blessed to have you all… Please don’t stop! 

I Love you guys! 🙂

Oh by the way… Sorry, but I just have to do this… HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! Weeee!!! Haha!


Time For A Change

In celebration of my birthday and early celebration of my blog’s 4th year anniversary (this November)… Finally, I’m doing this! Been working hard for this big change for months, and finally it’s almost ready. I’ve always thought of doing some changes with regards to my blog and I wanted to share it with you guys. Blogging and make-up artistry have always been a passion of mine. Doing make-up and at the same time sharing facts and my opinion about beauty were something that I love to do since I was young, then 2011 came, my very first blog (from another host) was published and the rest was history. I wanted this passion to be bigger and better, so I’ve decided to make some changes. I wanted to share my insights and experiences not just about beauty, but also all sorts about life and some random stuff that I love.

LROUS.COM will be up on October 4 (my birthday), so stay tuned. I know this big change that I’ve decided to do will be for the better. I’m still gonna be The Make-up Reviewer, only better! 🙂


What are your thoughts about this big step? Please, please let me know! 🙂


Leah 🙂

Beauty Haul: October 2014

Every time my birth month arrives the feeling of joy and excitement comes in… Excited on spending my birthday with my family and also for the gifts I’ll be receiving from my friends, loved ones and of course from myself… As everyone knows, first on the list are new cosmetic products and tools.

So here are some of the gifts I’ve bought and received…


-Instax camera leather case (gift from a friend)

-Shu Uemura matte lipstick (gift from a co-worker)

-Benefit Cosmetics’ They’re Real gel eyeliner pen (from myself)


-10,000 MAH power bank (half was paid by one of my models)

-False eyelashes (gift from one of my models/friend)

-MAC brow gel (exchanged gift of a friend)

-Mura Sarap Bagoong (my favorite – gift from the mom of my boss)


-City Color and Rimmel make-ups (from myself)


-New make-ups, make-up brushes, acrylic brush holder, and other cosmetic tools bought at Digital Traincase (from myself)


-Goodies from my skincare sponsor (Skin Solutions)

There! Haha. Of course I’ll be reviewing some of these products very very soon! 🙂

To everyone who gave me gifts and greeted me on my special day THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I am very thankful that God has blessed me with a lot of supportive friends and a loving family.


Leah 🙂