Talent Mommyger Diaries (Vlog 1)

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You think my job is easy… but you have no idea!

As I celebrate my 10th Year Anniversary in the industry, I decided to create a more personal segment on my channel. Welcome to the world of a Talent Mommyger, CEO of Leading Edge Talent Management and a legit #GirlBoss! Hahaha!

I’m proud of how far I’ve come and how hard I’ve worked in order to reach the place I’m at now. I don’t normally talk about my achievements (I like to keep things low key) but since I’m on my 10th year, I wanted to celebrate myself and share my experiences with you guys!

TEN FREAKING YEARS!!! Even I can’t believe it!!! I am just so grateful that I survived this crazy yet rewarding industry! And I’m proud to say that in my ten years, my company, talents and myself have established good and lasting relationships with our clients, maintained good track records, have weekly gigs, and most especially have each other’s backs! I can still remember back in 2012, I told myself that I was going to build my own empire… slowly but surely! I’m not yet at the top, but I’m getting there! 🙂

As for my new segment “Talent Mommyger Diaries,” I’ll be taking you guys into my world. From what I do on a daily basis and how I am as a talent manager. I won’t be spilling any secrets, but I’m gonna bring you guys behind the scenes at events, tapings, shoots and all the work it takes for your favourite influencer’s feeds. #GramGoals haha!

For my very first episode, I’ll show to you guys snippets of what happens at an intimate event where influencers are invited. Also, a sample of how my typical day goes.

I hope this will be interesting, especially for those who want to work in the entertainment and advertising industries. As well as for those who want to become an influencer, host, and talent manager in the future. 

*Tapping myself on the back… Galing mo girl! Wag kang iiyak! Kinaya mo! Be loud and be proud! 🙂

Thank you so much for watching! Don’t forget to like and subscribe! 🙂


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