Hey guys! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I know this may be late (you know I’m a busy bee during the “ber” months), but I just want to share a Christmas secret. This is something I’ve been doing since 2010. Please don’t think I’m bragging, I just want to share some ideas on how you can save up for Christmas, and also I want to commemorate the past year, because 2018 has been sooo good to us! And it’s all because of HIM! I just want to thank my Lord Jesus first for everything!

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So as I was saying, every month, at the start of the year, I set aside a percentage of my monthly income and put it in a different savings account so that at the end of the year, whatever amount I’ve saved up, I can spend it on my family and myself by Christmas.

I start buying gifts for my family and myself around the second week of December and spend on all the festivities until the first week of January. Yes it may be costly, but it’s worth it! I just want to see my family complete and happy, because they deserve the best and of course from all the hard work, I deserve awesome rewards too! Here’s another secret: I wait for Black Friday sales, check out designer stores and my favourite brands for sale/promos to get good deals and maximize the money I’ve saved up. Remember, you’ll be able to see and buy “great finds” when you’re patient! No need to panic and be in a hurry, okay?! 🙂

Last Christmas, I was able to save 6 digits- more than what I expected. 60% went to my family (for their gifts and all our family celebrations) and 40% for myself! Aside from going shopping for gifts and food, I was able to treat my family to two staycations… one on Christmas and another on New Year. Christmas 2018 was one of the best Christmases we’ve ever had and as a hardworking human being, it felt sooo good to see all my hard work being put to something that’ll make my family happy and proud of me!.. and also make me happy and proud of myself too! Hahaha!

Here’s the timeline of my yearly Christmas gift/s to myself:

  • 2010 – My first ever Louis Vuitton bag
  • 2011 – Another Louis Vuitton bag
  • 2012 – iPod Nano and big vanity case with mirror and lights
  • 2013 – New laptop and side table for my room
  • 2014 – New rims and tires for my car
  • 2015 – Office tables and a printer
  • 2016 – Kate Spade bag and Michael Kors Wallet
  • 2017 – Another Louis Vuitton bag, a MAC Book Pro laptop, and almost forgot… down payment for our third car, Taz 🙂


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Sorry, stuff are incomplete. This is the only photo I have with some of my gifts to myself.


This 2018 I got a little extra! I wanted it to be extra, but at the same time practical… meaning, I can also use for work, travel, etc.!

  • Nike sling bag
  • Kate Spade bag (my new work bag)
  • Charles & Keith pumps (for formal work/events)
  • Charles & Keith backpack (my new travel carry-on bag)
  • Charles & Keith clutch bag (for formal events – it was on sale)
  • Aldo leather protector and cleaner (a must buy)
  • Mandaue foam queen size mattress with 4 sets of beddings (30% off on all items)
  • Lastly, three custom-made dresses by designer, John Rufo (I need it for “work” haha!)

I’ve been doing this “Christmas Savings Project” since 2010 as a way to look forward to the BIG reward at the end of every year from all the hard work, sacrifices and stress! 😀 I promise you guys this is sooo effective, both financially and career wise! (I really can’t explain the feeling! Hahaha!)

Let’s see what 2019 will bring to me… I’m just so excited to work and save up this year! 🙂


PS: Again, I thank my Lord Jesus for everything! He is truly amazing! And to all my talents, clients and friends, thank you for the never-ending support and trust! I love you all! Now I am so ready to work even harder this year! 🙂




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