LeahTravels: My Favorite Cafes in Siargao

Hey everyone! Since we’re still stuck indoors (hoping this pandemic will end soon), I just want to share two of my favorite cafes in Siargao. I haven’t shared anything yet from my recent trip to Siargao, but I have so much stories to tell and I would like to start with this. I love everything about this island, the vibe, the people, the beaches, the beautiful resorts, the food and the cafes. I’m hoping to buy a property and live there someday. Yes, that’s how much I love Siargao.


There are so many cute cafes in the island, but these two are my favorites. They have that rustic, minimalist vibe. Both are such instagramable places and that’s not all, I have a favorite drink from each cafes too!

Let’s start with Spotted Pig, my favorite cafe in Siargao!


They have the best flat white in the island… it’s strong and smooth! They don’t have brown sugar though, they only have mascuvado as sweetener, still works for me.


They also have avocado toast with two perfectly poached eggs and it was really good!



If ever I want to put up my own cafe, this will be the peg! Very rustic, clean and has a calming vibe. You’ll definitely love this cafe!


Now, let’s talk about my second favorite, Bake Siargao!


This cafe has a unique menu, from coffee, croissants, sandwiches to unique rice meals, they have both sweet and savory options for your taste buds! Plus, it has the best soy latte I’ve ever tried!


Bake Siargao is owned by a Filipina beauty queen, thus the very rustic nature-ish vibe with all the indoor plants, artsy merch and a cute cafe dog. You definitely must visit this cafe and meet Kobe!



But wait, there’s more!…

I just want to give a special shout out to Kanin Baboy! This isn’t a cafe, but they have the best spicy lechon I’ve ever tried! Who doesn’t love a crispy, juicy, spicy Lechon?!.. It’s just so damn good! They also have a unique tasty sisig… and it’s a must try too!


I can’t wait to go back and explore Siargao again! Hopefully this crisis the whole world is facing will end soon! I miss the outdoors! I miss Mother Nature, the beach, sunset and a whole lot more! Let’s all pray for the world and stay safe!  🙂


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