LeahTravels: Mt. Maculot – My Hardest Climb To Date

It was March 25, at around 2:30am, as we departed from Manila to Batangas. I only had two hours of sleep, but I was really excited, not just because it’ll be my fourth climb, but also because I’m looking forward to the view that I’m about to see, gonna be climbing again with my boyfriend (our second hike together), and the first hike (that we’re complete) with my dearest friends from the first company I’ve worked for that also became my second family.


My friends asked if they could come along on my next hike and so here we are… We were complete again on an out of town trip for the first time after how many years. We were looking forward to this… but here’s the catch… We didn’t expect that it’s gonna be a difficult climb! It was hard… like really hard!!! Hahaha! Going to the top of Mt. Maculot, Rockies was really the “rockiest”, windiest, with assaults I didn’t expect, slippery, heart pumping, and did I mention… the hardest climb I’ve ever done?! Cause it really was! We were walking along a super narrow road beside a super deep cliff! Wow! Super wow! Haha!


It was such an amazing experience though, that made me more fearless when hiking. On the hike description, the difficulty of this mountain is 3/9… for me it wasn’t! It was like 5 or 6/9 and to my friends it was like 7 or 8/9! Hahaha! We were just so tired that sarcasm was sinking in our heads! 😀


I am sooo proud of “my team”… We were with two senior citizens (hahaha! kidding! well almost! hahaha!), yet we all made it to the top of Mt. Maculot, Rockies Summit! Even if we didn’t continue our hike up to the last destination which was the second summit of Mt. Maculot, I am still so proud! My boyfriend and one of the daughters of my friend finished everything up to the second summit though (proud of you guys!).

A total of seven hours of walking with fourteen stop overs (3-5mins. rest each stops), thirteen going to the campsite and then to the Rockies. Some of my friends even needed to sit and slide going down cause the path was really narrow and slippery. We were all complaining/crying (except for my boyfriend) and laughing at the same time… but really it was super fun! 😀


Below was our itinerary and the photo diary of our hike! Enjoy! 🙂




I am so thankful somehow that I used to do rock and wall climbing… cause if I wasn’t, it would take me forever to climb these rocks! Hahahaha!



I was the only one wearing short shorts from our group, and fortunately nothing happened with my beautiful legs! Nucks! Hahaha! Even though I slipped hard on my butt three times, my legs were all good! Hahaha! Thank you, Lord! 🙂



Look at that view of the Taal Lake! It was kinda foggy at that time, but still pretty!



Of course the mandatory photo sesh with the boyfriend! Hahaha!


Thanks for this photo, Karlo! 🙂




Can you spot my friends behind?! Yup, they were at the other side of the mountain.


Taken from the top of the other side of the mountain… I’m sooo bibo! Hahahaha!


Sorry, we forgot to take a group photo cause we were just too tired! Damn! Hahaha! One of the most unforgettable moments with these bunchies that surely we will treasure for the rest of our lives! We’ll be celebrating our 8th year as friends and now, they’re my new business affiliates. 🙂

You can check my Instagram highlight (@itsleahrous) for the videos.

Thank you Adventure Philippines for accommodating us and for hosting another fun and unforgettable hike experience. 🙂

PS: Sorry if there were so much laughing on this blog… It was just a fun and funny day! Hahaha!


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